Introducing IV.League THE Gen 6 IV Calculator...

Meet IV.League the newest Gen 6 IV Calculator. Developed by VintageTrainer77 it was designed to be a simple and quick desktop based IV calculator. It is compact, easy to use and has numerous features which take IV.League to the next level. The IV.League Gen 6 IV Calculator also does previous generations as well.

"I wanted to create a simple to use IV Calculator that added a new twist the all the other ones on the market at the time. I have a good understand of .NET so that's why I choose to make a windows application..."

IV.League will take your Pokemon's stats, calculate it's IVs then graph them on a radar graph just like Pokemon X and Y's summary page. You can then save your Pokemon as an IVL file and load it into the Pokemon comparator. You can compare to Pokemon and plot their stats on an overlaid radar graph so you can visually see the difference. For breeding purposes, the symbol markers have been added next to each stat. If you have watched Prettyboy's video on Near perfect breeding you will understand why it is an asset to use these symbols to help you keep track of what IVs your working into the mix. There are only a handful of Gen 6 IV Calculators as of now, we know that IV.League is able to become one of the leading and trusted Gen 6 IV Calculators on the web.

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